Monday, 25 June 2007

Session One: Hari Kunzru responds

Hari Kunzru responded to Geoff Dyer's statement by talking about class, ethnicity and the 'new England' that is emerging in British Cities. This response opened the floor for discussion.

Vesna Goldsworthy pointed out that there are writers who have to stay at home to find their place to write, and there are writers who have to travel in order to write about themselves.

Michael Augustin pointed out that Thomas Mann, who both traveled and spent time in exile said 'Germany is where I am', offering another way that a writer can construct a sense of identity and homeland through sheer force of ego and will if nothing else!

The discussion ranged across Rebecca West, RS Thomas, Nabokov, Lawrence, Auden and Kapuscinski. Questions of form became central to the discussion.

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